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Onsite Chair Massage

Onsite Chair Massage


Onsite chair massage, also known as seated massage,  is the most convenient type of massage.  Unlike the regular massage that takes place in a standard therapy room, the massage therapist/s will come to your selected location when you book onsite chair massage services.   This type of massage  therapy is performed while the client is seated in a specially designed massage chair.  


Key Differences In Onsite Chair Massage

  • Client is seated in a special massage chair during  massage
  • You choose the location of massage
  • Clients remain fully clothed, and no oils or lotions are used during massage
  • Focus areas of massage are mostly upper body
  • Onsite chair massage sessions typically last between 10-30 minutes


The equipment used in onsite chair massage is also different from other types of massage. We use special seated massage chairs that support comfortable and ergonomic position. They are designed to be portable and lightweight, making them easy to transport to different locations. The massage chair is adjustable, allowing our  massage therapists to customize each different client’s position for maximum comfort and relaxation.


Onsite chair massages offer a seamless and efficient relaxation experience that fits perfectly into any environment and situation due to its’ remarkable level of flexibility when it comes to location.  Our therapists come directly to you and bring all the necessary equipment with them.  Whether you’re in a bustling corporate office, hosting an event, or simply seeking relaxation in the comfort of your own home, our therapists are ready to come over and look after your wellbeing. 

Focus areas of the Massage

Onsite chair massage primarily focuses on the upper body, targeting key areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, and arms. These upper body areas are particularly susceptible to the effects of stress and poor posture commonly associated with sitting jobs. By focusing on neck, shoulders, back, and arms we provide effective relief in a shorter timeframe.

Duration of Onsite Chair Massage

Onsite chair massage sessions are typically shorter in duration, ranging anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes. This time frame is designed to provide a quick yet effective relaxation experience, making it convenient for busy schedules and corporate settings. However, we understand that each booking has unique requirements, and we are flexible in accommodating longer sessions if preferred.

Get in touch to book onsite chair massage session with our experts that are trained to provide you with the safest and best quality service so you can completely relax and enjoy the experience! Please note it is very important that you communicate any location specifics when booking an appointment, so that the therapists can adjust the treatment setup accordingly. We want to make sure that we bring the best relaxation in the most suitable manner for you.

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