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Before you book:

To ensure we can provide you with the most accurate information, please include the following information in ”Your message box”: 

  • How many people will be enjoying our massage
  • Your preferred date and time
  • Your desired location
  • Any special requirements.

If you would like a call back, please add the following information:

  • Your Phone number
  • Preferred date and time for the call. 

We will respond to your request within 48 hours.  If you require urgent assistance, please  reach out on  the following phone number  +353834560002

Fill in the below contact form to book massage

    Working Hours

    Mon-Fri: 9AM – 6PM

    Saturday: 9AM – 4PM

    Sunday: Closed

    The operating hours can and will be adjusted for special occasions and events if necessary.

    Contact Information

    Phone: +353834560002


    Feel free to get in touch if you require additional information or would like to book our services by filling in the contact form or reaching out to us directly via email or prhone.  



    We offer our services anywhere in  Ireland.